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How to change background in 3D view?

I want to change the background of the 3D view from the default white to a more darker one and I can't figure out how to do it.

I loaded some .dwg files from the samples/Mechanical/Lift/axis_c.dwg folder of the BricsCAD, and some of them have a nicer gradient background colour. How to achieve the same result?

P.S. sorry, double post by mistake.


  • edited June 2017

    Maybe the BKGCOLOR command? 256 = Black.

    Settings > Program Options > Display > Background color.

  • For 2dWireframe visual style the background color is indeed controlled by the BKGCOLOR setting.
    For other visual styles it can be controlled by setting the background of the current view. To do this, the BACKGROUND command can be used, or the View explorer. The view background can be set to be either a solid or gradient color, or an image.
    This is how the background of the mechanical sample drawings has been defined.

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