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Version 17 - Problem with DDEDIT (or double-clicking mtext object to edit) Command


Currently having an issue with Bricscad V17.

Double-clicking an mtext object has allowed me to edit the text using the text editor, and if i click out, select okay, (or cancel) and finish editing, the command also ends, returning to normal cursor/no command being active.

In version 17, I will double click an mtext object and edit the text. When I click-out, press okay, or cancel text edit, the DDEDIT command overall remains active (which means i can further select other text to edit)

This is super annoying while drafting, and I'm not sure why it's changed, whether its an in-program thing or if its something our company set up. There must be a variable to activve multi or singular text object editing?

Is anybody else familiar with this?

Thanks in advance.


  • This is controlled by a new system variable (introduced in 17.2.07)
    System variable which controls automatic repeat of the text edit command DDEDIT.

    0: Multiple edit mode (command repeats until cancelled) (default)
    1: Single edit mode (command ends after editing one text entity)
    2: Automatic edit mode (single if editing preselected text, multiple otherwise)
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