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Tool Palette Tab on the side not below?

Hi everyone just want to know how to arrange tool palette tab to be on the side to easily switch from different tab instead below coz once you have many palettes its a bit inconvenient to browse


  • See the 'Dockable Panels' item in the Help under User Guide / User Interface.

  • Here is the link.

    It appears there is no way of doing it.

  • It's a strange one; as in previous versions (V12 and earlier I think) the tabs were arranged down the side of the tool palette, now they are at the bottom.

    You would think that when Bricsys changed it they would build in the facility to be able to choose where you wanted them, as there is definitely going to be more room vertically if you have docked the palette to the side of your screen.

    I know they can be worked through or click on the arrow to show a list, but this takes longer.

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