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mouse right click as "enter key"

mouse right click as "enter key" for quick drafting


  • Go to OPTIONS. Search for SHORTCUTMENU. There are many different ways to configure the mouse behavior.

    Simply setting SHORTCUTMENU to 0 will give you right click as enter, but that may not work for other scenarios depending on how you like to work.

  • TIP: To enjoy the best of two worlds, shortcutmenus and the Quad, I'd recommend to set SHORTCUTMENU = 18 (Edit mode + shortcutmenu when the right mouse button is held down longer) and QUADDISPLAY = 5 (Quad on hovering + Quad on right click). You can then repeat the most recently used command on right click by helding down the right mouse button a little bit longer. When a selection set is present this procedure displays the Edit shortcutmenu on a long right click, while a short right click displays the Quad. Please notice that with these settings most recently used commands are also available in the Quad on a right click when the cursor is not over an entity.

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