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Underlined text, line doesn't show

edited June 2017 in 2D Drafting

I'm experiencing a wierd display with underlined text.
What could be causing this?

not correct displayed.png
267 x 148 - 2K
hoover over.png
337 x 171 - 5K


  • Strange ..
    it doesn't display well in 2D Wireframe,.. however ..
    its perfect in 3D ortho & 3D perspective..

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  • edited June 2017

    the issue is in "2Dwireframe" display mode only, not in "normal" "Wireframe".

    So, my settings will be ..
    for normal 2D: Wireframe
    for 3D hidden lines : 2Dwireframe (displaying the obscured lines)
    for 3D conceptual : Conceptual

  • Bricsys support analysts will be glad to investigate and advise if you file support request and attach a sample drawing that illustrates the issue.

    Kind regards

  • In my v14, I get detached underlines in all my 3D drawings. This is for MTEXT objects that are not at an elevation of 0. The text letters are at the correct elevation, but the underline stays at elevation 0. This is regardless of the rendering style.


  • In a fresh new document.
    This only happens in 2Dwireframe with text
    Here it is.
  • Attached is a screen grab of what I see on my v14. Though, i am not sure what you were expecting. The MTEXT object does not obey the old %%U command to start underlining. But, I think that is how it should behave.


    Underline Test-Dunfee.JPG
    674 x 133 - 19K
  • edited June 2017

    Thanks for your reply Joe ! It helps! :)
    Not sure if vscurrent is stored registry but i think it is in DWG.
    However, the image you show is not exactly how i saved it.
    Please check this animated gif i made after opening it, without doing anything.

    Notice the dot under text - ed becoming underline switching back to dot in 2Dwireframe

    So, with that being said..
    ..can you confirm the problem is a display (videocard?) problem at my end?

    750 x 588 - 171K
  • And i'm getting a bit lost in all the 'wireframe' options for vscurrent

    "Wireframe" : showing a 3D ucs symbol ?
    "2Dwireframe" : showing a 2D ucs but not good for 2D text ?
    "3Dwireframe" : ... meant for what..?

    Sorry for being a pain in the butt ..
    but i have to understand these things before moving on...

    536 x 406 - 57K
  • In V17.2.07 I see the same thing to Joe does.
    Your drawing has many proxy objects embedded in it. That implies it is not a fresh, new drawing but is from a template, or that you have customizations that are adding entities to the drawing.

  • Thx Martin, The dwg was made with my most empty.dwt using a 'out of the box' text. Will investigate this further...

    However, Visual styles (with that strange behaviour) are not saved in the dwg format as far as i know. The only cause for the dot display problem i can think of is some kind of textstyle problem..
    2b continued
  • No luck cleaning up my template, or using this default template as origin.
    I give up,.. Will be using "Wireframe" as my default 2D setting.

    651 x 389 - 26K
    Drawing1 based on Metric-mm default BricsCAD.dwg
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