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Setting Support File Locations common network folder

Would like to have file support file locations (CTB SHX LIN etc) in a common location (or folder structure) to be used from multiple workstations. We are evaluating a move from AutoCAD LDD 2004


  • Open the Settings pop-up and search for SRCHPATH. Bricscad will look for files in the locations shown there, in the order in which they are listed. I add my common folders at the top and push the defaults to the bottom.

    You don't say what version you are testing. Be aware that there was a problem with font files on network drives in older versions of Bricscad. I typically saw a 20+ second delay the first time i called the MTEXT editor or the Text Styles editor (over 3200 files in the folder) . This has been greatly improved in V17.2.08-1.

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