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Difference between (2D-/3D-/normal) Wireframe setting

edited June 2017 in 2D Drafting

I'm still confused about the dfferent vscurrent settings and their purposes. (check my other question about underlined text display)
My first thought was that 2Dwireframe is the standard for 2D to work in, but when i want to work with displayed transparency this can not show in '2Dwireframe'.
I can make it visivle just like the underlined text, but the ucs icon suggests that 'Wireframe' is for 3D.

Can anyone give me some background on these?
Thanks again

wireframe transparent.JPG
912 x 507 - 47K
2dwireframe not displayed.JPG
850 x 448 - 47K
vs options.jpg
795 x 787 - 141K


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