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BIMSection Command - Layer Colours & Styles


I've been using BricsCAD for over a year now for mostly 2D design and part 3D detailing for renders etc. I'm looking to start utilising the BIM module of BricsCAD and generating our entire design as a 3D model and pulling the 2D drawing from this. I have been attempting to do this using the various commands such as FLATSHOT, SOLPROF etc. which haven't worked correct;y, and I have now come across the BIMSECTION command.

This is by far the easiest way to generate the views however I'm having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to generate the 2D views with the block colours. For example I have attached a drawing which I have created by creating a full 3D model, and then in paperspace using different viewports with different views, with all of these viewports set to WIREFRAME display. This works out fine and gives me the type of drawing I want (2D technical layout with 3D detail as needed) however the file size is exceeding 10.0mb which will become unusable with bigger models.

What I am hoping to get, is the same type of drawing result, but using BricsBAD BIM and the BIMSECTION command to generate the drawing views with all colours and styles (i.e the red for beamwork, green for cabins etc.). Is this possible right now with BricsCAD?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I have checked a number of threads but got no further with it. Thank you in advance for any info or help.

Rory Bradyimage



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    In the latest BricsCAD V17 update (V17.2.08) you can control the layernames in the generated drawings (calculated sections). Layer names are generated from the materials in the compositions applied to the various solids in the 3D model. By default the layer assignment for the section boundaries is Boundary_EntityLayer. In this format EntityLayer is replaced by the material name. If you then change the color of the boundary layers, you can get what you want. Please have a look at the Bim Sections topic in the BricsCAD Help under User Guide / BIM to learn how to define, calculate and update Bim Sections.

  • Hello Rory,
    if you file a support request and attach the drawing(s) used to produce this pdf (attached documents are treated with high confidentiality), our analysts will be glad to investigate and suggest the most optimal way to achieve the drawing result you are after.

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