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Hard-coded default scales?

Speaking of scales, where is the selection of which hard-coded default scales are presented in the Print and ScaleListEdit dialogs?

I dumped the .csv Settings from a template using imperial style scales (for example, 1/8" = 1'-0") and a metric template (for example, 1:10) and did a file compare without finding any setting that appeared to affect the drawing's default scale list. There's nothing that I noticed in the Drawing Explorer, either.

Not a big deal and I'm sure that I'm overlooking something obvious (again). Just curious.


  • These scales are not hard-coded but stored in the dwg (in a dictionary):

    (defun DwgScaleList ()
          '(lambda (sub)
            (if (= 350 (car sub))
                (vle-entget 300 (cdr sub))
                (/ (vle-entget 140 (cdr sub)) (vle-entget 141 (cdr sub)))
          (entget (vle-dictobjname (namedobjdict) "ACAD_SCALELIST"))
  • Interesting. Thanks!

    The "hard-coded default scales" terminology is from the ScaleListEdit help page. So it looks like they aren't hard coded in the application binary but are in any given drawing, although the list is lisp-accessible.

    I was hoping that it was tied LUNITS in a way that I was just missing, where changing LUNITS from, say, Architectural to Decimal would automatically swap the scale units from feet-inches (1/16" = 1'-0") to decimal units (1:10). Guess that would be too easy. ;-)

  • I work in architectural units 100% of the time. But, it is also not unusual for me to use other types of scale factors. Our office is always trying to keep the paper as small as possible, and rarely does anyone put a ruler onto the paper. But, I want to keep the user of a scale ruler as a possibility, so I try to get the drawing as big as I can for the paper I have, and will choose between architectural scales and engineering scales [e.g. 1:50], which ever will get the drawing to fit the best.

    I have edited the list of scales, and added a few, in my template drawing.


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