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How to route a 3D polyline selecting a reference point to turn direction and continue routing ?

While trying to route a 3D polyline I need a way to select a reference point and then from it to specify an offset. Let's say I route through these points:
3P (3Dpoly) from Initial point 0,0,0 to point P1 (0,0,2000) then to P2 that has to be 300 units before a reference point that can be determined by a perpendicular line at different Z (Elevation). Can you advise?, I need to do it without any additional auxiliary lines or 3D polylines.

Vicente LG


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    You may want to give tracking points a try.
    During the input phase of any command, type "TK" + Enter to start a tracking 'session'.
    During tracking you can build your path to the desired target point and snap to reference points, enter distances along tracking lines, etc., till you reach the desired point, without creating any geometry. Press Enter when the desired point is reached: it will be processed as the input point for the running command.
    As opposed to AutoCAD, BricsCAD tracking points are not restricted to the XY plane, nor are they restricted to be orthogonal and parallel to either the X or the Y axis.

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