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Graceful means to deactivate BricsCAD when updating Linux OS

My apologies for posing this question, but I'm new to BricsCAD. I have been out of the CAD field for a long time, but never lost interest. As a long time Linux user I always looked for something
that would operate natively. Never of a fan of the Autodesk plan, I was excited to discover BricsCAD on multiple levels. I do use FOSS software, as well, Blender being one, but I still wanted something else.
Currently, my two copies of BricsCAD are running on my laptop(OpenSuSE) and my desktop. I manually installed my license keys. Though I've been told major updates of the OS require deactivation it's not clear what major means. Looking at required library dependencies of BricsCAD I assume that may be the basis for "major," but I'm not certain. I'm leaning toward assuming any system update requires deactivation. As I've used manual installation so I don't see a deactivation button that is not grayed out.

As I am running Linux, system updates will occur much more often than in Windows or MAC. Any suggestions to ease updates will be helpful. As a final note, I actual run BricsCAD in Virtualbox(openSUSE) and runs very well. The reason for this is my desktop is Gentoo Linux. As it is updated more often I expected I chose Opensuse. OpenSuse updates more often than I expected.


  • I may not be the best person to respond since my experience with Bricscad on Linux is limited, but I would not expect that deactivation and reactivation would be required for OS updates as long as you stay with OpenSUSE. There is a mechanism in your licenses page at the Bricscad site that allows deactivating a particular computer if necessary.

  • Thank you. No doubt the license mechanism is proprietary information so I would not seek to know how it works. That said, I would guess that
    when the HOSTID is generated by BricsCAD there is a finger printing of the drive, as well as OS software. I understand Bricsys protecting its work as there are means to copy a drive, e.g. Ghost for Windows users or Clonezilla for the rest of us.

    Yes, I'm familiar with the user account and all the more as Don was helpful there. I do use my desktop for licensing my laptop, which normally is not on-line, but does travel with me. It does go on-line for software updates, but I'm concerned that these may inadvertently deactivate BricsCAD.

    Thank you.

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