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Crash when using push pull

Drawing crashes when employing push pull, sometimes intermittently, sometimes consistently, sometimes not at all.


  • Is this behavior restricted to just one drawing or does it happen in any 3D drawing where you attempt to use PushPull?

  • Chances are you are suffering from a bug in Acis. Try setting DRAGMODEINTERRUPT to 0, that should avoid the crash.
    The upcoming BricsCAD(Linux) V17.2.10 BETA includes a fix for this.

  • In deed this setting made 3D modeling very stable for V17. Is it possible that this setting is still preferred for BricsCAD V18 ? Att Open Studio we will be testing to set all instances of "DRAGMODEINTERRUPT" to "=0" in '~/.bricscad/config' in order to see if we can obtain the same level of stability during 3D modeling for V18.

  • I thought it was just me, I have an open support case on this behaviour, that's a setting I will deffinately have to try ;>) (though I am using V18)

  • I SR'ed a similar problem with BIMDRAG on Mac.

    When I select some Faces of multiple Objects > BIMDRAG
    and drag the cursor back and forth 5-10 times Bricscad or
    Shape will crash and disappear from my screen.

    Did not try on Linux so far.

  • For me it is most often during BIMDRAG, but inconsistent and not repeatable, it only tends to occur after I have been working on a drawing for some time using BIMDRAG but less frequently with push/pull. And then when I reopen the drawing and try the exact same sequence it works just fine.

  • edited June 2018

    I am not able to crash Shape on Windows that way.

    But you can try to select both Faces as shown in the screenshot

    BIMDRAG > drag 5-10 times back and forth over the whole building

    If that doesn't crash you can try to snap to elements in between :)
    For me it crashes reliably.

    1620 x 1055 - 120K
  • @Steven_g said:
    I thought it was just me, I have an open support case on this behaviour, that's a setting I will deffinately have to try ;>) (though I am using V18)

    We use the "DRAGMODEINTERRUPT=0" setting in '~/.bricscad/config' for v18 too (not just v17) at our office. ....and when you ask a question and someone takes the time to respond I don't understand why you don't try it out and then write if it did/didn't resolve your situation. Not doing so is a bit egoistic; A forum is in deed useful to resolve your own issues, but you miss the whole point if you are not willing to take a few minutes to help others by posting what you (possibly) found out regarding the issue.

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