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Printing black boxes

edited July 2017 in 3D Modeling


Sometimes if I try to print a drawing it creates random black boxes in the print:


This only happens on 32 bit PCs, I never encountered this issue with 64 bit. This also happens if I create a PDF instead of a real print. Also it happens not with every drawing, only with some (I can’t even say that bigger drawings create this issue). But if I have such a drawing I can recreate it on other PCs (only 32 bit, 64 bit works fine). I cannot describe it better and googleing wasn’t helping me either (maybe the wrong keywords, but then I don’t know the right).

Does anyone have encountered the same problem or even better, has a solution?

Best regards

Edit: The print preview has no black boxes and is "correct".

700 x 633 - 35K


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