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Importing Drawings

Say I have a sheet metal drawing with dimensions in Corel Draw. I can export to PDF, JPG, etc.. What is the right approach to import this drawing in BricsCAD Sheet Metal? Is it better to start from scratch and build a new part in BricsCAD, or should I try to import a PDF/JPG/etc. into BricsCAD?

Is there a good tutorial series (video, etc.) for sheet metal newbie in BricsCAD?


  • Doesn't Corel Draw export to DWG and DXF? I'm still running an old 2005 X3 release (does everything I need, so ...) and it has those in the export options. Is your Corel drawing a 3D object or a series of flat views?

    That said, it's probably easier to start afresh in Bricscad. The process is much more automated than it would be in a straight drawing program, so it shouldn't take long to do.

    There are sheet metal tutorials at the bottom of the page at this link. and a bunch more on youtube if you do a search there on "bricscad sheet metal".

  • Xlnt. Thank you.

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