BIMINSERT Command in V17

When I try to use the BIMINSERT command in BricsCad v17, either by typing it in or using the pulldown, I get a response on the command line "Unable to recognize command BIMINSERT". This was not the case in BricsCad v16 (still appears to work in that version). Does this command work correctly on the Mac in v17 for others? I have BricsCad Platinum v 17.1.8 and BIM.


  • Update...I realized none of the BIM commands were working on my Mac in v17, so I reloaded the latest version of BricsCad, which didn't seem to help. Then I noticed under Settings/Program Options/System/Licensed Components there is a variable to use BIM (indicating a BIM license has been activated). I tried changing that but it didn't work. Then, I realized I must need to download/Activate BricsCad for BIM separately from my BricsCad license for it to work in v17 (I didn't see a way to do this yet). I will pursue that and let others know if this does not solve the issue. Sorry for taking your time!

  • After activating my BIM license under the Help pulldown / BIM "Details" and resetting the "Use BIM" box under Settings noted above to "2", BIM Is now working fine. Thank you.

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