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[SOLVED] Autozoom and auto cotation : lines flickering

Maybe my computer is not powerful enough, but I would like to disable auto-zooming and auto-cote when I draw.
I could not find easily an anwser, so any further guidance is much appreciated.

If I cannot disable that, it is almost impossaible to draw : the screen always flickers, and zoom factor is always changing when I get near to an anchor point

Thant you for your answer.


PS : setup is linux 4.10 with Ubuntu 16.04 up-to-date. Brics Version 17.2.11 (x64) revision 49654


  • Attached is the screenshot

    Capture d’écran_2017-08-27_12-19-35.png
    1563 x 870 - 154K
  • I think your issue is related to two variables: UCSDETECT and UCSFOLLOW. Try switching UCSFOLLOW off.

  • Hi Roy,
    Sorry, this had no effect.
    I found the solution, but I forgot to write it down.
    And now I am still looking for it.
    I remember, it had to do with setting a parameter from 1 (or 2, or 3) to 0...

  • edited July 2019

    here is it for everyone :
    set GLSWAPMODE to 0
    "New current value for GLSWAPMODE (0 to 4) <2> 0"

    NB : it has been the case for all my bricscad versions under linux

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