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V14 DLL files are being deleted

Problem cropped up last week and doesn't seem to be going away. Using V14.02.06 x64 on HP Envy W10 machine. Every day, I first open Bricscad, and get an error that any two or three of four different DLL files are corrupted. In the C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCACV14en_US directory, any of the following files show 0 bytes:


I've copied these files back in from a backup machine, and everything works fine, for a day or two, then it happens again.

My computer has been in service for a couple of years without any changes other than the periodic automatic updates from Microsoft. I've been using McAfee for almost a year and I've read that Mcafee has a tendency to delete unfamiliar dll's. But this problem only cropped up since last week. I've tried setting the dll attributes to read only, with no help.

Again, the file names are not deleted from the directory, but the size of the files is listed as 0 bytes. I'm stumped. Hope somebody can help


  • Another item I forgot to mention....the dll files with 0 bytes are timestamped at the moment I try to call up Briscad...not when I last used it, or anytime in between.

  • I would check your AntiVirus application. Some like Norton have been known to do this.

  • I've checked the settings on my McAfee and there is nothing being logged that shows this is happening because of them. The files are still in the subdirectory, but they show 0 bytes.

    Other thoughts?

  • It might be caused by recent Win10 updates ... please check if Defender is active, and deactivate (as you have McAfee anyway - both together could conflict).
    You could even deactivate both AV, re-install your V14, and run BricsCAd then ...

    In worst case, you could uninstall latest Win10 updates to see if the zero-ing effects disappear ...
    hope this helps ...
    many greetings !

  • I turned off all windows updates and protection about 3 years ago.
    not one problem since.
    AVG has never let me down and is friendly to software.

  • Resolved!!! The problem was apparently caused by a Windows 10 update from early August. My workaround was to leave Bricscad application open even though all drawings were closed. Yesterday, Windows 10 updated to Version 1703, OS Build 15063.540. Problem seems to have disappeared, but I will report back if bad things start happening again.

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