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Bricscad V15 License has to be activated on every system update.

As the title says, every time there is a system update like kernel security update
I have to activate the license. Is there a workaround for this?
During the installation of bricscad also, the first time I run it, I see warning that it cannot
create a folder in /var I just can't recall exactly the warning if this is relevant to the problem.
I am using openSUSE. This problem is happening on many versions of openSUSE from 13.2, Leap 4.1 to Leap 4.3


  • I would try running BricsCAD again and once it's open do a lsof -p "PID Number for BricsCAD goes here" That should tell you all the directories BricsCAD is using. From this you can see more of what it's doing. My guess is that BricsCAD wants to store activation information somewhere in the /var folder but it does't have permission so it stores it someplace that gets overwritten anytime there is a kernel update. If you run the command I mention above it might tell you what it's intentions are can you can manually create a folder in var for BricsCAD with more open permissions.

    To get BricsCAD pid number you can use top or install htop. I think for openSUSE it's sudo yum install htop . I use Fedora and Ubuntu mostly. Hopefully this helps.

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