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Section file names


I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the latest BIM release. I pushed out the upgrade until recently, but now that i have it running, i feel i should have commited way earlier. The BIM sections have improved significantly and so far seem to work nicely with the sheetsets/views. Also, some small errors, that kept nagging me, seem to be gone.

What I'm wondering is, if there is any way to get more control over the filename the section is written to. Having only the section name show up might get confusing with bigger drawings and multiple XREFS. Are there any wildcards like the Boundary_EntityLayer for the sectionplane's layer assignemts? I figure something like having a parent file MODEL01.dwg and the resulting sections going to ./sections/Filename-Sectionname.dwg, resulting e.g. in MODEL01-Section01.dwg etc.

I can, for the moment, of course do this by hand, it would be great though, to be able to set this permanently in the _SectionSettings.dwg. Thanks for any advice on this.



  • You can edit the file _sections.dwg in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V17x64\en_US\Support\Bim\Sections and edit the various section types (plans, sections, elevations, ...). E.g. set the 'Destination File' property of the 'Plan' section to 'Plans' in order to have all plan sections of a model (project) being sent to plans.dwg.

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