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Visibility States

Is it possible in any way to toggle the visibility of building elements in the structure browser? I'm currently selecting objects in the structure browser, and then hide/reveal them using the isolation commands. Unfortunately, unisolating reveals everything, including elements you might want to stay hidden.

It would be great to be able to set an isolation mode for building elements, e.g. the 4th floor, so only elements assigned to this level are visible or can be hidden and revealed by the un-/isolate command. This way you could work on isolated levels or even departments. I know I can also use a section plane to cut through the 4th floor, but that leaves all the levels below visible, which in my case is a lot of geometry and affects performance quite a bit (walls, windows, furniture, fixtures etc. on 4 levels...).

Thanks for advice on how to handle this a better way.


  • We are indeed looking for a way to allow the use of the structure panel to define the selection sets that are used by any command. This will enable unprecedented ease of use and power, but it is not so straightforward programmatically ;-)

    Till we get there, it could help if you activated multiple sections simultaneously (BricsCAD supports this).
    So you could activate a horizontal section plane below and one above the desired floor, and if handy, also one or more vertical ones.
    Or, instead of activating multiple sections, use a single one and set its state to 'volume' instead of 'plane', and drag its volume boundaries till they fit the zone on interest.

  • edited September 2017

    Thanks for the tip, I looked into the sections a bit more and noticed if I use a section volume I can almost achieve what I was looking for. I can see that programatically it can get funny, looking at how complex he whole system has become.

    Keep up the great work..

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