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DGN support coming anytime soon?

Does anyone know wether DGN support will be hitting BricsCAD vanilla anytime soon?


  • I don't know but there are decent fairly low cost workarounds. Looks like AutoCAD LT includes it, and recently Draftsight. I gotta think this would be a low priority for BricsCAD. Many BricsCAD users are in dual CAD environments and have some access to AutoCAD when then really need it.

  • I don't agree on this. I get drawings to work on from various clients. usually in DWG, but sometimes in .DGN, or even .SHP. BricsCAD hasn't got any of these formats covered. import or conversionwise...
    a decent .PDF to DXF ( or DWG ) converter would be very helpfull too...

  • So far Bricscad's IO is a bit on the poor side.

    Microstation can export perfect DWGs.
    But I have clients that tend to forget about that and send me DGN anyway.
    I have still an old Microstation License so I can convert if needed but it would
    be nicer if Bricscad could do it itself (especially on Mac !)

    Doing Visualization I would also need something lossless to bring all information
    over to Polygon Modeler and Render Apps like Modo or C4D.
    One of the best formats that can bring over Cameras (or Saved Views), Materials,
    Lights, Layers, Instances/Blocks, .... would be e.g. FBX.
    And as many Apps that can import DWG/DXF don't license and support ACIS
    Solids and just skip them, I generally miss a proper Export Dialog with options
    how to import or export.
    Like for converting ACIS Solids to Meshes, without the need of a Transfer File
    Copy and manually converting Solids.

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