Accidental selection of clipped xrefs in Mac V 17.2.09

I am not sure if this is an issue in the latest version, but in V 17.2.09 on Mac I notice that I often accidentally select Xrefs in my plans when trying to select other entities using right to left selection (I have accidentally deleted an Xreffed plan or two doing this). I determined this happens when my selection box crosses over an Xclip boundary (even when the polyline for the Xclip is not shown). I tested this in V 16 and it was not an issue. I tried recreating the Xclip boundary using different sized boundaries and confirmed it definitely happens whenever a right to left selection box crosses the Xclip boundary (it doesn’t happen if my selection box is entirely inside or outside the Xclip boundary or if I use a left to right selection box that doesn't encapsulate the Xclip boundary). Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to toggle selection of xrefs via clip boundaries off? Thank you.


  • Update: I noticed I sometimes accidentally select not only clipped xrefs but unclipped xrefs as well if my selection box crosses over the virtual "boundary" of an xref. I have found the best solution so far is to make sure xrefs are on dedicated layers and to lock those layers so they are visible but not selectable. This keeps me from accidentally moving or deleting xrefs.

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