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v18 for linux?

I just bought the upgrade to v18 platinum, but neglected to notice that there's no rpm download for linux.
Is there a due date for that?



  • BricsCAD (Mac) V18.1.07 BETA was published this week, a beta for linux is the next goal.

  • Will the BIM module be available for Linux directly when v18 is released?

  • As far as I remember the BIM module was included when the first
    official version was released.
    Release of non Windows versions was around end of February (?)

    Will there be another Beta before ?

  • @Mikael Nordvall said:
    Will the BIM module be available for Linux directly when v18 is released?

    I'd say: yes, of course.

    But the "of course" makes me wonder whether I understood the question.
    What do you mean by "the BIM module"?
    What makes you think it would not be included in v18 straight away?

  • edited January 2018

    Tnx, this answers my question. I wanted to sort out if BIM was part of the BricsCAD core application release schedule.
    Nice to talk to you again btw Tijs! I created a support request related to this question for to two of our ongoing projects at the office. It's kind of urgent, so would appreciate if someone could look into that request. (Will not write anymore about it in this tread, to avoid hijacking it)

  • @Michael Mayer said:
    Will there be another Beta before ?

    Ahm, V18 Mac official came a few minutes after my post ....

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