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Confused by BmInsert: some components are xrefs, others not?

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I am confused by the behavior of the _BmInsert command. If I insert the default BIM 'Window_1x1.dwg' the result is an external component which is an anonymous block. If, on the other hand, I insert a component that I have created myself the result is an external component that is an xref. It only becomes an anonymous block when a parameter is changed. What explains this difference?



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    It seems the BIM window has been _BmMech'ed is a special way. If you _BmUnmech it first and then _BmMech it again it behaves the same as the other dwg when _BmInsert'ed. I know the _BmMech command creates structures in the main dictionary of the drawing. But most of that is not exposed to the Lisp API.

  • Hi Roy,

    just to clarify, do you mean _BMINSERT or _BIMINSERT? For a BIM window I would assume that you would use BIMINSERT.

    If you open the mechanical browser in the source component, you will see that you can set a declaration as to the component type. I see that you have already set this for your component.

    I compared BMINSERT to BIMINSERT, and it would seem that BMINSERT inserts as an XREF by default, whereas BIMINSERT inserts as a local component. The reasoning could be due to IFC export requirements, in particular with V17. IFC expects that everything is included in the one file, it doesn't allow for the notion of dependencies. V18 now recognises XREFs, and will include them in the BIM structure, which is an advantage over other BIM related applications, which expects everything in one file.

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    My question is about the _BmInsert 'Mech' command. I am just using a BIM component to test with. In my component I have changed the 'Extension type' and 'Insert as' fields to match the BIM component's. But this does not change the way my component is inserted. There must be some hidden setting that changes the default behavior of _BmInsert.

    Regarding the change to the _BimInsert 'BIM' command: I was surprised and confused by this as well.
    In response to my SR's Bricsys has clarified:

    Since V17 BimInsert always creates a Local component because External components created a lot of problems when transferring the model.


    This behavior (BimInsert always creates a local component, thus neglecting the value of the 'Insert As' property) was introduced in V17 already. Our developers respond that it is the subject of an ongoing discussion.

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