Multi-Threading Flags ?

Are these thought to be activated,
or is there a reason why they are switched off by default ?


  • If you're running 3rd party applications, then parallel processing through MTFLAGS can cause problems. Obviously you also have to have a processor capable of multi-threading, which isn't an issue with modern machines. Other than that, I don't see any reason not to make use of MTFLAGS.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • For me it looks like I had a lot of crashes when I activated all
    options at the beginning (Structure Browser, UI)
    It worked much more reliable without after deleting Config.
    And as I tried again, the UI seems to freeze for many minutes from
    time to time. (Without RAM increase) While I can still rotate my view.

    And I see 2 other Multi Threading options (Whip Thread) with the
    "not yet supported" flag.

  • Hmmh, the UI freezing must be something else.
    Happened with a restarted Bricscad without any Multi threading setting again.

    I will give multi threading another chance.

  • I have these activated again.
    But beside Rendering, I still see only Single Threaded actions in Mac Activity Monitor.

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