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BimRoom - `Failed to create a room' errors

New to BricsCAD, I am diving into V18 BIM and enjoying the speed, flexibility, and power of the 3D platform. I am having trouble, though, with the BIMROOM command, two issues in particular:

1) Seemingly enclosed rooms
Rooms that appear to be fully bounded by BIM-classified Walls are sometimes not recognized, with the command giving a`Failed to create a room' error. Is there any way to gain insight as to why it failed? For example, if I have modeled a room with four walls and could know that BimRoom has detected, say, only three walls—even better, which three—that would help to identify missing walls or problematic solids. In a few cases, I discovered the culprit to be a small, otherwise unnoticeable gap where walls were supposed to connect; are there any gap tolerance settings, or detection tools?

2) Open-plan rooms
What is the best way to define rooms that are open to adjacent rooms but that should be identified separately, such as a kitchen open to a living room? I see in the online Command Reference that BimRoom has an option, `Select 3D Solid', to create a room entirely defined by a solid, which I could create manually. However, this method makes a static room that cannot be updated, which seems to defeat the purpose.


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