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Section Plane Settings

Hello all,

I am trying to master the 3d model to drawing process and so far I've found it quite good however there is one thing that I find I need clarification on.

When I use the 'section plane to block' command I change the settings to the required values that will produce the section cut view I want (capture). The setting that is not clear to me concerns the 'Background Lines' part.

I want to see background lines so I set 'Show' to yes. I want to see 'Hidden line' so that is set to yes. The layer is set to BM_visible (continuous) but the result is all background lines are shown including hidden lines but the hidden lines are on the BM_visible layer as well (capture1)

Is there somewhere that makes it possible for background hidden lines to be on a layer that is different to the background solid lines (capture2)?


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  • Please have a look at the VIEWBASE command and the related VIEWSECTION and VIEWDETAIL commands to produce documantation drawings from a 3D model.

  • Thanks Louis,

    I am aware that the viewbase command does what I need and it is an excellent feature, however the section to block is something I use when I just need to produce a quick section through a building and send it off to the printer for a hardcopy review.

    I assume from your answer that it is not possible to reproduce the same sort of view (showing hidden lines) that can be achieved from the VIEWBASE command.

    Perhaps an additional setting in the "section plane to block' dialog that allows hidden lines to be shown as well as solid background lines would solve this issue.


  • I have just noticed that the "section plane to block" settings have now added a separate box for hidden lines (as per my original post).

    Well done to the Bricscad team for listening to their users requests!!!


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  • Thanks for your valuable feedback, it helps us to improve BricsCAD

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