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CMake plugin build

Brx samples on linux use Codeblocks as IDE/Build tool.
Is there a comparable CMake project sample/template?


  • edited January 6

    I tried to convert to CMake project.
    But i'm getting an error during addin loading.
    Am i missing something?

    Here is cmake project:

    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.9)
    add_library(brxAdd SHARED
            StdAfx.h StdAfx.cpp
            cmd/cmdDbx.h cmd/cmdDbx.cpp
    #        cmd/cmdCom.h cmd/cmdCom.cpp
    #        cmd/cmdGui.h cmd/cmdGui.cpp
            dbx/MyEntity.h dbx/MyEntity.cpp
            dbx/MyOPMExtension.h dbx/MyOPMExtension.cpp
    target_compile_options(brxAdd PUBLIC
    set_target_properties(brxAdd PROPERTIES SUFFIX ".lrx")
    target_link_libraries(brxAdd PUBLIC
            -Wl,-whole-archive $ENV{BRX17_SDK_PATH}/lib64/libdrx_entrypoint.a -Wl,-no-whole-archive
    target_link_libraries(brxAdd PUBLIC
  • We have no CMake sample for a BRX application.

    Please enter a support request, and re-attach your CMake code there.
    Internally we can more practically track support requests, assign to appropriate analyst/developer...
    (That said, this forum post can still be useful in case it rings a bell to someone in our user's community.)

    But i'm getting an error during addin loading.

    What is the error message you are getting?
    Did cmake generation/ compiling / linking pass without error?

    From a glance I see nothing out of the ordinary, but I am no brx specialist.
    For a start, can you try running BricsCAD in a terminal and/or in a gdb session, there might be a useful error message on stderr.

  • Have you tried whether the CodeBlocks-generated .lrx module does work ?
    Or does it also trigger same error ?

    If it loads, then there seems to be some details missing with the CMake build ...
    but if it loads with same error, then we need to have a closer look at the CodeBlocks sample as well
    (though it always worked in our internal testing).

    many greetings !

  • Thank you for your replies!

    I built and loaded CodeBlocks-generated .lrx module without any problem.
    Then i tried to convert it to cmake based project.

    CMake project build passed without errors.

    Then i tried to load .lrx addin build using cmake and i'm getting this message:

    : _appload
    Loading /home/alexey/CLionProjects/brxAdd/cmake-build-debug/brxAdd.lrx
    Error loading "/home/alexey/CLionProjects/brxAdd/cmake-build-debug/brxAdd.lrx": .
    /home/alexey/CLionProjects/brxAdd/cmake-build-debug/brxAdd.lrx loading failed.

    Not sure what i've missed. Could you please review the cmake project.

    Here is project (i've converted brxSample example):

  • I've also submitted a request

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