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Can i combine 2d and 3d model views on one sheet?


Apologies to all if this is an odd or bizarre question.

I work primarily in 2d, but would like to incorporate occasional 3d views, details, and exploded views, into my drawings.
Ultimately i'm hoping to transition to full 3d modelling, but right now it's too much of a hard sell for my employer, so i'm developing my 3d skills on the side. What i'd like to do in the mean time is make simple 3d parts/assemblies here and there and put them in my drawings.

It doesn't seem at all sensible to build the 3d models in my 2d model space, as it will be full of 2d geometry and junk - but if i make them in a different dwg, is there a way to put them on the same layouts as views from a different 2d file?

Any thoughts would be appreciated...


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    A different solution that may be useful in the OP's scenario:

    1. Use the _FlatShot command to create a 2D representation of the 3D model.
    2. Use File as the destination.
    3. Insert the dwg created in step 2 on a layout of your 2D model.


  • Yes you can combine 2D documentation drawings and 3D views. In mechanical models this is done within a single drawing file: Model Space contains the 3D model and using the VIEWBASE command 2D views are generated in a layout. Isometric views are part of the standard view options. See the BricsCAD Help under User Guide/Viewing your Drawing/Generated Drawing Views.
    For BIM models, the 2D documentation is generated in separate drawings (= apart from the 3D model). In these drawings saved model views can be inserted in the layouts of a 2D documentation drawing using the PLACEVIEW command. A drag-and-drop from the Content Browser panel allows to insert saved model views easily in a layout. See the CONTENTBROWSEROPEN command in the BricsCAD Help under Command Reference/C.

  • In V18 the Clip Display property of a section is saved in a view. As a result sectioned 3D model views can be inserted in documentation drawings using the technique I described in my previous post.

  • Thanks for the answers guys.

    I think Roy's suggestion is the kind of quick fix that i'll start using right away. However I'll probably move towards using PLACEVIEW, which sounds like it will achieve a similar result while maintaining a dynamic link to the 3d model (?).

    Obviously the end game is to go fully 3d and generate 2d views from the model as Louis describes at the beginning of his answer - but i don't think that will be happening for some time yet...

  • Generating drawing views is not that difficult. On the contrary, it is quite straightforward. Views are placed according to the selected projection method: first angle (European projection) or third angle (American projection). The first view (base view) is the Front view. All other views are placed with respect to the front view: move the cursor to the corresponding position and click to place the views (left, right, back, top, bottom and 4 isometric views). BricsCAD calculates the scale according to the paper size in the selected layout. So the workflow should be:
    - select a paper size in the layout
    - launch the VIEWBASE command,
    - adjust the scale (if necessary)
    - place the standard views needed (you can skip any of the views)
    - create sections from the views.

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