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3DConnexion Space Mouse Enterprise Configuration

What shortcuts or letters exactly do I have to fill in my Enterprises driver's
Button configurations to get :

  • view : Isometric front left
  • view : Isometric front right
  • view : Isometric turn 90° cw
  • view : Isometric turn 90° ccw
  • view : Top 2D Plan
  • view : Top
  • view : Left
  • view : Right
  • view : Front
  • view : Back


  • view : Fit View (zoom e)

Which I don't get to work by any Macro attempts.

While things like e.g. Isolate :
- Type Text : _isolateobjects
- Keystroke : return
works well


  • Use the _-View command (which has several hidden options).

  • Thanks a lot Roy.

    I think that is what I need.
    I switched hidden option on in settings and see the options and
    can use them with the command bar or prompt menu options.

    But that is quite hard to understand for a standard BIM user.
    Even the "-" was new to me.
    Is this the same syntax in command line as I would use to create
    a custom or modified tool behavior in its settings ?

    Can you help a bit.
    If I would open Bricscad and would start typing without looking
    at the command bar, what would be the exact typing to ....
    as an example, switch to an SW Isometric ?

    Because that is about what my Enterprise button assignment will do.
    Which is the next step to put these commands in a form that Bricscad
    will understand.

  • edited January 11

    The keyboard input does not change if the Command Bar is invisible. This will probably work:
    '_-View _SWiso '


    1. Paste without ''.
    2. The space character equals Enter.
    3. There is a trailing space.
    4. Underscores are required if you want to use English inputs in a different language version of BricsCAD.
  • Thanks a lot Roy.
    Especially for the "blanks"
    I already knew the "_" for localization.
    But thought the ";" would be an ENTER

    What does the "-" do ?

  • Wow, it works perfect in Command bar !
    Unfortunately not when I map it to an Enterprise key.
    (While I still can't estimate if I need an other for or syntax or
    if some of the buttons are just ignored by Bricscad)

  • OK,
    your example works perfectly !

    There are really some of the buttons that will not be recognized by Bricscad
    (Which is a problem)

  • edited January 11

    Regarding '-':
    Some commands have a version with and a version without dialogs. The '-' character is used as a prefix for the version without dialogs, a.k.a. the 'command line version'.

  • edited January 11

    Thank you very much, that makes sense.

    I start creating and assigning my 3DCon Macros now and hope
    the buttons will be supported in the future.

    I think with your help I got it now.
    So a button to switch to Wireframe should be a :
    "_Shademode _Wireframe "
    "_Shademode _Bim "

    (as Shademode seems to be one without needing or refuses working
    with "-" for Stealth Mode)

    EDIT :
    Shademode "Bim" nor "Modeling" do work.
    At least it works for "Realistic".

  • Not "all" of the right side view related buttons do not work.
    I got a few working now.

    Is there an option to bring an ESC to cancel, end or finish my commands ?
    As without an ESC in Bricscad it is not ready for another button input.

    It does work 1x but I have to do several actions in between to use such a Macro
    button again.

  • edited January 12

    I forgot to mention this:

    Note 5:
    To call a command transparently you have to prefix the command with an apostrophe: '. For view commands you typically want this.
    Our example then becomes:
    "'_-View _SWiso "
    Paste without "".

    Other commands cannot be called transparently. For those commands you want to be able to cancel any commands that are already running. In CUI tools this is achieved by "^c^c" (which equal hitting the Escape key 2 times), in a Lisp context you can use (strcat (chr 27) (chr 27) ...) and then send this string, but I do not know how this works for a 3DConnexion Space Mouse. Maybe you can record keystrokes and recording the Escape key 2 times is the solution?

  • edited January 12

    Thanks, that is worth a try.
    I think I manually hit ESC only once.
    Ah, yes, it is 2 times ESC that works.

    I can add another row in my Macro lister to add one ore more
    "Keystroke" : ESC
    or write in my first "Type Text": field "^c^c" behind the command

    But it is not the same and instantly like pressing the compass.
    You can nearly watch it typing. Typing fast of course but that visible
    command line action is disturbing
    I will try the apostrophe: '
    Hope I have the right one on my german macOS keyboard.

    EDIT :
    ^c^c does not work
    It increases speaker volume on Mac for 2 steps each time :wink:

  • I don't get it.
    There is an ' =SHIFT+# and an ‘ =ALT+# on Mac.
    Both aren't accepted in Bricscad for me.
    And also ^c does not work at all on my Mac when coming via these Macros.

    But now the switching Iso or View Render Mode works quite well,
    as long as I do not hover my cursor of my Wacom Pen over my View Window !
    Maybe my shaking and cursor movement recognition interrupt the input via
    Macro "typing".
    Meaning only parts of the "text" are reaching Command Bar and Bricscad
    will get confused.

    Enterprise in Bricscad in general :

    Currently 2 of 9 view related right side buttons on the Enterprise work.
    ("ISO 1-2" and "Rotate CW-CCW")
    All 12 standard Custom Buttons below the display work fine.
    Nearly all left side standard ESC/TAB/SHIFT/CTRL/... buttons work,
    except the "MENU" Button below.
    Which I highly need with the "CMD" key mapped to it, as a Mac User !

    Generally the 2 buttons most below "MENU" and "FIT" seem to work (in V17 only),
    but hard coded to the standard basic 2 Buttons of the original 3D navigator,
    "MENU" = 3D Modus and option menu
    "FIT" = Fit View (or Zoom e)
    Both ignore custom assignments.

    So, at least in V17 I can open the "Menu" to activate the most important
    function which is "Lock Horizon" to avoid strange "orbit rotation".
    And this way, in V17, the primary function of 3D navigating the 3D Model
    with the puck works very well in Bricscad.

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