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Costly addon

Why Communicator so costly? For that price I can almost purchase a full Rhino3d license just for file conversion.


  • I tend to agree. Hardly justifiable, but OK they need to cash in somehow.

    I just posted elsewhere in this Forum a help request to convert one Revit file.
    That's not covered by Bric. Communicator to be honest most competitors included. :-(

  • The latter is imminent AFAIK - the dwg-clone industry has recently acquired that ability.

    What Communicator lacks is capability in the meshes/surfaces of the animation/graphics world - which via point cloiuds, photogrammetry, VR are rapidly becoming vital for interchange with CAD. That also AFAIK Brics has in hand.

  • These converters are costly and unfortunately directed to
    mechanical needs mostly. For Modo these are about ⅓ of a whole
    license. The only conversion I would slightly be interested in
    Communicator would be 3D PDF.
    The other CAD Software I use fortunately has most common
    export formats to CAD and my 3D Apps included.

    It would be nice to have granular export options to 3D Apps and
    Game Engines from Bricscad.
    Looks like open glTF will get the exchange standard for 3D Models
    like IFC is for the building industry. Also Collada DAE is much more
    capable than Bricscads offer.

  • You mean Brics has Collada import but it's dumb/crippled? That's what I thought.

  • I had not much success with Collada in the past into 3D.
    Bricscad exports all geometry without hierarchy and names (?),
    just a bunch of separate objects.
    But when I tried lately from Vectorworks I saw that Collada is able
    to keep Layers, Hierarchies, Materials, .... and it worked as good
    as FBX. As FBX is proprietary I would favor DAE.

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