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V18 sheet metal - segmented elbow flat layouts

All you sheet metal gurus out there asking for your advice. Got this 96" dia. segmented elbow 1" thick and need to do flat layouts for each segment piece. Have no idea what the best "workflow" is to do this with V18 sheet metal module. Seen some Sworks videos but two different programs to say the least. See attached - any ideas would be welcome thanks!

8FT mitered elbow.dwg


  • Here is a solution, done in BricsCAD 15 using ABW-ROLL from ANTARES (

    8FT mitered elbow_scj.dwg
  • Hello Tim,

    I would be nice to see initial 3D part which you start from to get unfoldings. If elbow is represented by single solid, there is a tricky thing to extract single knee. Once the solids are extracted, since V16 the model is recognized as lofted bend and can be unfolded. See in attachment steps made with V18 from "8FT mitered elbow_scj.dwg":
    1. COPYPASTE top red solid, recolor to green. It is our start solid
    2. SOLIDEDIT Body Shell to make it "sheet metal design" - yellow
    3. SMCONVERT - lofted bend is recognized
    4. SMUNFOLD - unfolding is generated. Result is saved as block with 3D data (.dxf can be generated). By varying Number of subdivisions of lofted bend feature we can get smoother flatouts. In the .dwg there are flatouts with 10 and 30 subdivisions
    5. Annotation format for unfolding right now is fixed, so you have to adapt it manually to needed appearance

    Best regards,
    Egor ERMOLIN

    8FT mitered elbow_v18.dwg
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