Can't change viewport scale - BricsCad V17.2.09 Select Drawings

I recently created a few new drawings based on a new template I created and noticed I cannot change the viewport scale. The viewport is On and not locked. When I select it and try to change scale using the Properties pulldown it only gives me three options...Scale to Fit, Custom and 1:1. This isn't the case with other drawings I have created in the same version of BricsCad, so I think it's drawing specific but I can't find the correct setting to improve this (I tried adjusting a setting or two). Any thoughts?

Note: I noticed I can still change the viewport scale if I reach into the viewport and use the Zoom command to set it, so it's not entirely locked...I just can't change the scale using the Properties pulldown. Thank you.


  • You have probably erased all but one scale from the list in the _ScaleListEdit dialog.

  • Roy,
    Thank you....that was exactly what happened, apparently. Not sure how I erased the other scales, but I reset the scales using the command you noted and all is back to normal now. Thank you so much!

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