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Import ifc

I have been asked to compare two versions of a Revit model. And I'm hoping to do this in Bricscad with the compare tools. The problem is the old model exported from Revit to ifc opens just fine, but the new model fails 100% it's a 20 storey office block and is a large file size (the ifc file is 200MB). Bricscad reports during the import sequence that a composition already exists in the target library and gives me the options to Skip, Overwrite or Rename all 3 of these result in an empty model which suggests using DMAUDIT this fails because there are no entities in the model.
The logfile that is created has a lot of entries containing

Entity #6421870.
Not implemented: IfcMaterialList


Entity #3778553.
Full path #(3778561, 3778553)
Failed: createRegionFromCurvesCloseGaps() on IFCCOMPOSITECURVE

Does anyone with more experience know if there is a method to get this working, either using different export options in Revit or import in Bricscad


  • If you file a support request and attach the ifc file, our analysts will be glad to look into the issue and see what can be done to help you out.
    Kind regards

  • OK thanks, the request has been submited, hopefully it will be a simple issue, I'll post the findings back here.

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