V18 Mac is there

Some things I notice.

I normally deactivate this as especially touch pad rotation doesn't make
much sense for me. But somehow, when off, zooming got crazy somehow.
It is a real time zoom now but will not stop if you stop pinching and send,
or better zoom, your view to nirwana.
I even managed to destroy the whole drawing so that any kind of rotation
by Mouse or Enterprise made the drawing disappear.
(looks like it corrupted a Section to have an infinity off position or similar)
When RUBBERSHEET TOUCHPAD on, it seems to work as expected,
except the same behavior for zoom.

Support for Enterprise
(Works beautifully on Windows)
The Menu Button and so the "lock horizon" option is back - Yeah !

But it looks like still many of the buttons are ignored.
Could it be that these are exactly those number of buttons that are
additionally available over its predecessor Space Pilot Pro ?
I don't find any of these typical 3DConnexion button setups in my
Bricscad Config. Are they available for users somewhere else ?
I assume it may be just be needed to define a few more number of
those buttons, without hard coding commands, so that
these are available and can be customized in 3DCon driver ?


  • Hello Michael,

    can you please enter two separate support requests for these issues?
    It really helps a lot for analysis/dispatch...
    In the mean time I informed the developers that worked on these features.

  • Thanks Tijs.
    SRs done.

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