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FastKeys- Can you advise if there is a list please

I am just finding out about CAD again after being in the Revit environment.
I would have started on AutoCAD early (back at Sketch) and am used to Fast Keys for Productivity.
I note that there is a default.PGP file in one of the directories, and some of the keys work, eg :-v (view) whereas :v doesn't.
I have tried editing the pgp file and closing Shape and re-opening it but no changes are affected. So PGP file doesn't seem to load.
Possibly the fast Keys are Hard Coded in the programme. That is fine, but there is not a lot of logic to them.
Getting to Plan requires:
:-v (enter) o (enter) t (enter)

I have found that driving SHAPE from the command Line (SHIFT F3) is more natural for me.
I appreciate that you are trying to woo over people from SketchUp, but some of the Key commands are spaced out awkwardly. Maybe its my laptop keyboard and also being left handed but a lot of the command keys are not laid out efficiently in my opinion.

To use this tool productively I think the Fast Keys should either have a consistent logic or the user should be able to configure their own. I appreciate that you wish people to migrate to full BricsCAD so maybe the 2nd alternative is not viable.
Great tool though, well done.
kind regards
Max Drake


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