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Materials- Heringbone, vertical, diagonal or solid. No Horizontal Swatches

edited January 2018 in Shape

Materials- Herringbone, vertical, diagonal or solid. No Horizontal Swatches.
I live in New Zealand, we have a lot of horizontal weatherboard houses so I would like a horizontal swatch.
There are a variety of swatches but no way to re-orient them.
Also this is not my area of expertise but how would you import different materials to the library (I note there is a file and a thumbnail for materials) so presumably you need both.
Can you please add some horizontal materials to the default library please, thank you.
Also I note that when dragging the material to the surface it wraps around the whole joined element (__ see attached image__). Do you need to explode the joined surfaces so it only affects a FACE? How do you need to manage different sides of walls with different materials?

kindest regards,
Max Drake

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  • Hi Max,

    You would need to raise a support request to ask for other materials in Shape.

    In the full version of BricsCAD you have access to a larger set of materials or create your own. You can also assign different materials to different faces of a solid, and apply different map rotations

    Attach renders of a simple house clad in corrugated steel.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

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