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HP designjet T790ps 44 inch time-out errors during plot

With as result missing data.
This leads to strange plots, missing data from a certain position.
The timeout on the plotter was default 30 sec but this problem started last friday after windows update. The plotter worked fine for one year since I started to work in this company.
The computers use a 1gbps connection so time out should not occur at all. At plot, the HPPrun.exe is started but keeps hanging until internal server error message
Any ideas? Autocad LT2018 has no problems, Bricscad version V2016 platinium.

See jpegimageimageimageimageimage

20cm niet geplot.jpg
4672 x 3504 - 3M


  • [solved]
    The last windows10 caused the problem, unstalling the last updated removed and no problem anymore.
    Grrrrr Microsoft.
    Case closed

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