Why BricsCAD fails while saving file?

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When trying to save a file BricsCAD fails showing a windows with the following message:

Error saving to file "Z:\172-182-LOOP BAJA PRESIÓN IMP\4.-INGENIERÍA\4.-PLN\REV.3\5616-H-PLN-TBX-C1-007_3 - BIMSA.DWG".
The file may be in use or has the read-only attribute set.

Is it because the path name? :/
Is it because the path name has ".", "-", or letters with accents? (Spanish language) :/

It seems this doesn't happens at the same machine with AutoCAD. I'm using BricsCAD V18

Can you advise?

Vicente LG
Mexico City


  • With actual Version of V18 i have this problem too sometimes. Files have "normal" names and paths. When opening, xrefs are missing and the file is reported to be readonly, but isn't.
    Sometimes it helps to recover the file, sometimes it needs several tries to open the file without problems.

  • Maybe you should file a support request and attached the file/s you have problems with. That way, the technical team can investering what causes the problem.


  • Hola VIcente, disculpa tuvieron alguna respuesta al respecto es que tengo el mismo problema. Espero puedas contestarme, muchs gracias, saludos.

  • Can you do a SAVEAS and save it with a different name (add a "1" on the end)?

  • Thank you rkmcswain. I didn't try your advice however it was solved after installing 18.2.08-1. The alternative was continuing using 17.2.12-1

  • use audit, fix errors. try to save now. should work

  • This discussion helped me to resolve my problem too.

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