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Changing standard location of 'support' / changing Localrootprefix + Roamablerootprefix

I would like to have all users directed to the same folder on their computer although not under their user name.

Normally the location of the Bricsys folder (and there for the sub-folder 'support') is at %appdata% (= a.k.a. current user) this is all fine and dandy but if a different user needs to use the computer then they don't have the settings that are needed and have to put a copy of the settings folders under their name which is a waste of time and space on the harddrive.
So I put the Bricsys folder under the general 'Users/Public' location. This works for all users on that machine.

However, If I do that then chances are that the program will give a warning message about not finding the default.pgp file because it seems that the path to look for it as set
as "C:\Users\name of user\AppData\Local\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V18x64\en_US\ and there for it only checks in that location. I can't find a way to change it, within the program.
Besides that, if with setting the Support File Search Path to the location I want, any changes aren't saved in the new location but under the name of the current user.

The help file states : "You can change in BricsCAD the path to local and roamable folders with system variables LocalRootPrefix and RoamableRootPrefix"
but those two 'variables' show up as being read only (greyed out).
What am I overlooking or doing wrong ?

Thank you in advance


  • What you are trying to do is uncommon but should be possible. A quick test shows that for the default.pgp file the search path is in fact used. So changing the SRCHPATH variable should work. Please verify the value of this variable after restarting BricsCAD. Note that to change it in the _Settings dialog you have to use the '...' button, changing the text field does not work.

  • Roy,

    Thanks but that isn't it. The default.pgp location seems to be determined by the LocalRootPrefix and RoamableRootPrefix and not the SRCHPATH.
    And as mentioned, those two variables are greyed out.

    No matter what path I there for set up in SRCHPATH doesn't make a difference.

    Could be that I'm asking to much. I've asked the Support desk the question and we'll see what that yields.

  • As mentioned: I have tested this. And you conclusion about a fixed path for the default.pgp file is wrong. Try adding the folder as the first in the SRCHPATH (use the arrow buttons). And keep in mind that only the listed folders are searched, sub-folders are not. Also: the SRCHPATH is stored per user and per profile and restarting the program after changing its value is required.

  • LocalRootPrefix and RoamableRootPrefix are based on environment variables. They can only be changed at startup by modifying the environment before starting BricsCAD.

  • Owen,

    So if I understand you correctly then seeing that those two are environment variables means that they'll depend on the windows environment (a.k.a. the user logging in) and there for automatically will always refer to the folder Bricsys located in %appdata%.

    There for the only way to have any user on a machine to start with the same content of the Bricsys folder (particulary the sub support folder and sub PlotConfig folder is by copying it to there individual Appdata folder.
    Not an issue if it is, Was just trying to prevent multiple copies of the same data to occur on a machine as well as trying to save IT (and me) from having to do the work when the situation arises.

  • I think you're making it much too complicated, but then I'm no CAD manager and have never had to maintain a bunch of users' systems. My approach is always to put customization into separate folders, then add those folders to the support path. If you do that for all users, they all get the same customized files.

  • DUH !

    LocalRootPrefix and RoambleRootPrefix can be set by using LocalRootPath and RoambleRootPath commands in the commandline.

    What baffled me was the fact that most other settings and changing of paths happens in the settings window but those two are only available, as far as I found, in the commandline.

    Thanks to everyone that chipped in.

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