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What brand/type of mouse do experienced BrisCAD users prefer, and that give the best control and results.
I am presently using a Logitech M705. But to pan I use the middle roller wheel, and it often takes me to places
that I don't need.
Thanks in advance.


  • General for most CAD, needing middle mouse button,
    I have problems with most scroll wheel clicks.
    Especially with fuzzy scroll wheel click for special multi
    direction scroll wheels like Logitech uses.
    I gave up.

    It works "almost" ok with my ancient MS Intellimouse Optical
    (No more Mac drivers for speed and side buttons)

    But for serious working I looked for a gamer mouse, especially
    MadCatz's scroll wheel was great to click and linear speed without
    acceleration was great. (Unfortunately also no more drivers on Mac)
    Should be much easier to find something nice and affordable for

    So currently I am happy with a 3DConnexion CADMouse.
    With physical middle mouse button, good speed and precision and
    some nice features in drivers.
    I think it is quite expensive though and I only talk for the larger one,
    with USB cable, not the smaller unergonomic wireless version.

    So basically an ergonomic mouse for CAD for me needs :
    - real MMB or at least easy clickable mouse wheel
    - at least 2 extra customizable side buttons
    - adjustable speed and (or better no) acceleration
    - high precision for movements, on any surfaces
    - ergonomic (so large) body

  • I like the Logitech M310. It doesn't last very long when you're constantly using the middle button to pan, but it's a pleasure to use while it does work, and it's cheap to replace.

    It sounds like you're having the same problem with the M705. But that costs quite a bit more. I can usually find the M310 for $10 or less. I buy several at once because the middle button blows out so fast.

  • The CADMouse is 10 times the cost and had to be replaced
    because of a broken LMB, after 2 months :smile:

  • See esp my recommendation 6 comments down - as well as postural advantages it's supremely sensitive with controlability. The middle button click does give out once a year tho - they keep sending new ones (should do at the price) - CAD is far more demanding I think on middle button that 'normal' uses.

  • @Michael Mayer said:
    The CADMouse is 10 times the cost and had to be replaced
    because of a broken LMB, after 2 months :smile:

    WHAT IS a "cad" mouse?

  • edited March 2018

    the ones with the 3D Space Navigators,
    released a Mouse optimized for CAD a while ago.
    And they called it CADMouse.

    As a Mac user, I bought one at their release because of having
    official macOS drivers.

  • Right now, 3D connexion spacemouse, on the left hand.
    Most basic Logitech mouse with wheel, on the right hand.

    I've been trough Wacom and other brands of tables, mice & "rats", 3D or not.
    Clicking for almost 30 years. :wink:
    Always seem to go back, to basics.

  • @Anthony Apostolaros said:
    I like the Logitech M310. It doesn't last very long when you're constantly using the middle button to pan, but it's a pleasure to use while it does work, and it's cheap to replace.

    Update: Logitech must have improved the middle button. I'm still using the same M310 I was using when I posted that in March of last year. I don't think I've been using it less or treating it more gently.

  • I don't have own experience, but the 10 best mouse test of mouse may interested of you:

  • ^ That is a nice listing.
    Didn't know some of them.

    On Mac and Windows I am used to have nice Driver Software
    for all kind of input devices like Wacom, Logitech, 3DConnexion
    and even Microsoft,
    which allows me to assign buttons and functions individually
    for every App.
    But does anyone know something similar for Linux ?

  • @Michael Mayer said:
    The CADMouse is 10 times the cost and had to be replaced
    because of a broken LMB, after 2 months :smile:

    the replacement from the same series broke after the same
    time of usage.
    Meanwhile I got my second replacement. A newer revision with
    better switches and surface quality, wich should be reliable now ...

  • The Logitech G5xx series gaming mouse is quite nice too, I'm using two of them for a few years now without issues. Especially the simple changing of resolution (speed) for switching between quick or fine work is nice and for me they work better than some of the so-called ergonomic mice.

  • I'm for the Logitech M570 trackball. It has a very natural hand position and I'm not chasing it all over the desktop.

  • edited July 2019 is brilliant - completely cured my wrist pain because of it's natural 'handshake' hand position - all they say is true. Also fantastically sensitive because it allows control by the same fingertip micro-muscles that you use for handwriting - the wrist and upper hand don't move at all.

    Only problem is that the click facility on middle (scroll wheel) button isn't built for the excessive use it gets in CAD, exactly as described by Anthony Apostolaros above - but they've given me two free replacements so far, maybe because I show them that I'm recommending the product far and wide, like now.

  • edited July 2019


    I'm starting to think I'm having that twisted wrist problem too. I never notice any pain while using the mouse, but in recent years my mouse wrist is often fragile, as though injured, and it hurts when I do anything that requires much strength from it. But none of that happens with my other wrist. Is that the same problem you had until you started using the ergonomic mouse?

  • Yes, it's common (RSI/carpal tunnel syndrome), many people experience it, 'upright' mouse seems to obviate/cure it. Just hold your hand in 'handshake' orientation vs 'flat on the table' orientation and you can feel the slight effort/strain in the latter.

    The DXT from isn't on the above list, poss because a UK co and not much promoted. I love mine, am going to see whether some young tinkerer with soldering iron can replace the microswitch with a replacement or better one.

    So now Logitech have a vertical mouse, as above - interesting they also ran into the middle button click weakness, for CAD use.

  • edited July 2019

    I looked in my mouse shoebox and found an old Mantistek vertical mouse. I think I bought it on eBay just because it was cheap, and never got around to using it. It looks different from the ones Mantistek are selling now. It appears to have the same geometry as the Logitech MX, which is advertised as having a 57° angle. Trying it out, it actually feels a little uncomfortable so far, though I guess that might be because I'm used to a horizontal mouse. Maybe when my wrist gets untwisted 57° will feel good. Its wheel doesn't spin as freely as the Logitech M310's wheel, and it takes a lot more pressure to press the wheel for panning.

    I decided to experiment with different angles. I made a tilted platform for the M310. I used 60° at first, and that felt just as uncomfortable as the Mantistek. But when I increased the angle to 82°, that felt great. It's pretty awkward to use a mouse on an 82 degree slope, at least at first, but maybe I'll chop up one of my M310's and glue it back together at that angle. Or put a magnet inside it and line the platform with sheet metal.

    From the photos, it looks like the curved front surface of the DXT vertical mouse averages about 80°. So I guess another option would be to shell out a hundred dollars for one of those.

  • You#ll find it flimsy-lightweight, for $100 - but it just works!

  • edited July 2019

    I've been using a mouse since 1985 (various mice, not the same one!) and I get a shoulder pain now. I switched to a Logitech MX Ergo trackball a while ago. I can rest my forearm on the desk and it's better! Not so easy to make tiny movements, but I manage OK.

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