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Wall Hatch - Exporting 2D drawings from BIM 3D model

I'm having a problem exporting Drawings with hatches.
In my country drawings are divided to 2 types. Ones for permit and the other for work.
In permet drawings Concrete walls have a blue solid hatch inside and red for brick walls.
In work drawings concrete walls have aligned lines.

We've used revit for a while and it has course hatch and detailed hatch for each wall.
In Bricscad v18 Bim Intersection Fill takes the Hatch from Bim Library and when exporting Intersection Boundaries turns into back lines.
The result is Intersection Fill and Boundary lines in same layer.
We are trying to export the Intersection boundary of wall in a Wall Layer and the hatch in Wall-htch Layer in another thin color.
And if possible Walls have inside Blue and Red solid hatch.
In the Jpeg is the result I want to achieve. I did the hatch manually here. But It would help me if I could generate it automatically from a Section plane

permit drawing.JPG
1302 x 782 - 135K


  • Boundary lines, Fill and Background lines of a BIM Section are created on different layers as defined in the '2D section' properties of the BIM Section entity. If the Layer property contains *EntityLayer" the Boundary, Fill and Background lines are created on different layers per material.

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