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How to keep an additional CUI visible in the Menu Bar in a NoDocState?

In versions V17 and V18 of BricsCAD most of the Menu Bar becomes invisible when the last drawing is closed. Only the first menu, usually the File menu, remains visible. I understand the logic behind this, but the adopted solution is not very sophisticated as the File menu also contains tools that do not work in a 'NoDocState'. And other menus from the main CUI or an additional CUI may contain tools that do work in that situation.

I am currently reviving an old Lisp project of mine which involves an additional CUI with a menu with such tools. The menu resembles a recent file list (but is editable) and works in a NoDocState (small scripts are used to open the drawings). I am now looking for a way to keep this menu visible in a NoDocState. Is there a setting or attribute or something that can be added to the CUI to make this happen?


  • Can you make your menu the first menu, either always, or when entering no-doc state?

  • I realized that too lately and think it is a bit irritating.
    It gets worth I you use Ribbon and have File Options like open file
    directly in front of your eyes as large buttons but can't use them
    as they are grayed out and deactivated.
    Instead you have to go the longer way over the drop down.

  • edited March 2018

    @Owen Wengerd:
    I'll probably end up 'injecting' a submenu in the first menu of the main CUI. Tests show that this is doable.
    Since the introduction of WSAUTOSAVE in V15 Lisp modifications to the main CUI get saved. This means that even if the NoDocState is the result of: 'Get Started dialog' > 'Open other drawing' > 'Cancel file dialog', and the Lisp program has never been loaded in the current CAD session, the menu can be used.
    When adding items to a menu via the Lisp API using images is not possible.

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