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Version 3.3 released

BricsCad IntelliCAD version 3.3 is released and available for download from the BricsCad website.Please notice this version includes BONUS TOOLS to save and restore layer statuses, freeze/thaw layers, isolate layers etc. The use of these bonus tools is explained in a number of viewlets at


  • Thanks,I have a few quick comments:Bugs/missing features:- Ray lines disappear when using wheel zoom (regen restores)- Stretching non-continuous lines does dot work properly (selection window has to cross solid part of line). This is an old and serious bug - is it not fixable?- Entmod'ing entities still very slow, now also demonstrated by the bonus tools (try the isolate layer function)- No visible dragging of blocks containing text attributes. Makes it difficult to position those attributes.- Some of the bonus functions do not work if drawing contains xrefs - hangs Icad- Visretain variable controls visibility of xref layers in Intellicad Explorer. This effect must be considered WRONG and should be removed. Visretain already has a functionality associated with it, no system variable should do two completely different things.- Changing justification of multiple text entities assigns 0,0 as insertion point to all entities.- Still no support for relative xref paths. This is important and should be implemented now.- No draworder table/storing of draworder.Odd behavior:- Sometimes Intellicad will purge layers or dimensions actually contained in xref.- Xref manager displays 2nd level xref overlay. Also displays copies of xrefs as multiple items in list.

  • I am having a problem finding the v3.3 download. Homepage is sending me to the v3.2 download instead. Is this a linking error or a mistype? Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

  • Press Ctrl+F5 to refresh the webpage in case it still reads version 3.2 instead of 3.3

  • I can't seem to get the bonus tools toolbar, or the layer toolbar to appear. I went to the suggested site watched the viewlets, under tollbars pushed the reset button, closed icad, restarted icad many times, still no layers or bonus tools. any suggestions?

  • I did as follows: Ugraded Intellicad, no bonus toolbar. Ran installation once more, selected "Modify", then checked the Bonus tools.NB! This installs a new Icad.lsp to your Intellicad directory. If you already have a customized one you will need to back it up and restore it.

  • Two more annoying bugs:- Unreliable snapping on xrefs- Intersection snap hangs Icad if drawing contains a lot of polyline segments

  • The intersection snap with polylines has been around quite awhile (I pointed it out a year or so ago). However, with my limited testing of the "power tools", I am pleased with the 3.3 version.

  • I am currently using version 2.2.... and wanted to try the new version to see if it is worth upgrading. I downloaded the new version and wanted to install it using the 30 day eval. on the same machine as the old version. It sees the old version and says it will install into a new directory like i want it to, but it then shows a screen wanting a licence key code and won't let me install without one. Is there anyway that I can install the new version to look at it for the 30 day eval without having a key code.

  • 30 day evaluation trial period is only valid the first time you install IntelliCAD.

  • I have made it a practice to keep at least one primarypartition available with a clean (untouched) install ofWin98 on it. I use this for testing trial versions andso on, and when done, restore the clean version of Win98from backup. You need a boot manager to do this but itsure helps in keeping your main system from gettingcluttered or messed up.

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