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How to change metrics in Bricscad shape

Dear All,

How can i change the metrics in CM/M Bricscad Shape ?
Kind reg.


  • When you open Shape and the Getting Started Dialogs opens,
    at the top right you choose the Units in the Dropdown
    (for new files)

    The Units are saved in the File.

  • Thanks Michael, i'm sorry but i didn't get the 'getting started dialogs.
    I'm a user V15 classic Bricscad. Mayby that can be the problem?
    Kind reg.

  • I meant that welcome window that appears when you start Shape
    before the App itself starts. Where you can choose to open recent
    files or from template.
    I think it came with V17 (?) and you can deactivate that in Bricscad's
    settings but I think it is mandatory for Shape.

    The first Shape version had Millimeters only. Centimeter or Meter
    came with the latest updates .....

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