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acdbGetAdsName in TX

Hello everyone! Is there any function in Tx library that is equivalent to acdbGetAdsName of Object ARX?
Thank you for your attention!


  • Dear,
    there is nothing like that at TX level ... because the ENAME (2 long values) convention originates from ADS, BricsCAD/BRX has that as SDS;
    while TX is pure C++, so you can only operate with OdDbObjectId.

    many greetings !

  • Hi @Torsten Moses . Today, I have just found something like this:

    OdDbObjectId id=...;
    ads_name name;
    drx_getSdsName(name, id);

    I don't understand deeply where it came from but It worked well. Then I can use "name" as an RTENAME when invoke a LISLP command. Is there any problem with this. Thank you for your help!

  • Hello,
    yes, that "drx_getSdsName()" function is a kind of linkage between Teigha TX and BricsCAD's SDS - this way, you can use both the TX SDK as provided by Bricsys, and the SDS API (also called "BricsCAD API") ... without BRX SDK.

    No problem, that "ads_ename" / "sds_ename" is compatible with the Lisp engine, so there should be no problem.
    many greetings !

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