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Materials- Heringbone, vertical, diagonal or solid. No Horizontal Swatches

Materials- Herringbone, vertical, diagonal or solid. No Horizontal Swatches.
I live in New Zealand, we have a lot of horizontal weatherboard houses so I would like a horizontal swatch.
There are a variety of swatches but no way to re-orient them.
Also this is not my area of expertise but how would you import different materials to the library (I note there is a file and a thumbnail for materials) so presumably you need both.
Can you please add some horizontal materials to the default library please, thank you.
Also I note that when dragging the material to the surface it wraps around the whole joined element (__ see attached image__). Do you need to explode the joined surfaces so it only affects a FACE? How do you need to manage different sides of walls with different materials?


  • In your Drawing Explorer > Materials you can edit the size and angle
    of the Textures. You may need Duplicates of the same Material to
    have 0°/90° Texture Mappings if needed.
    There is not much control like advanced UVW Mapping like in an 3D App
    but I am happy that there is at least standard Projection Mapping
    (Cube, Spherical, Face) that will be adequate in 90% of Building Material
    You can create your own new Materials in Drawing Explorer and add
    custom Image Textures to some channels. However these settings are
    much more limited opposed to what delivered Red Materials offer.
    Like no Reflection Blurriness and such things.
    You can save your Custom Materials to Libraries.

    If Texturing is critical and very important, you may want to explode Solids to
    Faces to better control Texturing.
    But for the Wall Example you would use multi-ply BIM Compositions where
    each Ply has its own Building Material. And Each Building Material has its
    own Render Material applied. This also allows to use the same Concrete
    Building Material for e.g. Plies of Wall Cores, Slabs, Columns and Stairs,
    which is very handy.
    But that all will get complicated at detail level though. Like the side Faces of
    Walls at cutouts from Doors or Windows, where you would have to model
    all detail.

  • Sorry, I realized we are in the Shape Section of the Forum,

    All my proposals will be available in full Bricscad BIM only of course !
    All you asked for is currently not available in Bricscad Shape,
    but may be valid wishes.
    So you should write Feature Wish Requests to the support to possibly
    may make that happen in a future release of Shape.
    (And best separate each wish into a separate Request)

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