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How to edit bend and cutout holes dimensions in sheet metal

We have tried to modify bends and draw profile holes dimensions as well as positioning of shapes in sheet metal its not easy to use can you suggest me some easy stap.. How we can do


  • Did you have a look at the video tutorials? -

  • Hi thanks for your replay we have seen its push/Pull but any think like on dimension I mean its should show dim 100mm and what we want it should play accordingly without parametric.

  • Hello Saipawar,

    To edit the bend radius:

    Go to the mechanical browser, and select the model.
    Under bend radius set the type to Absolute value and enter the required value.

    To draw holes in your model place the UCS on the starting plane and sketch a circle.
    Select the circle and extrude it to the desired depth.

    If you wat to edit the hole diameter you can do so by selecting the inside of the hole with the "Push/pull" tool.
    You can then enter the desired diameter or radius.

    To reposition a hole use the "move" tool, select the inside of the hole (all faces if not circular) and select a base point from where to move.

    This is all pretty basic stuff that is all covered in the Bricscad tutorials, it really pays off to watch those.
    Also the Help tab in Bricscad contains all functions with descriptions and pictures to help you.

    Mechanical browser.JPG
    335 x 389 - 33K
  • Hi can you suggest me how to modify bend angle already created bend

  • Hello Saipawar,

    Use the Rotate Flange tool,

    Select the flange needs to have its angle changed and rotate it to the desired angle.

  • Hi Robert ,
    thanks ..

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