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I have just installed shape on Mac and wondering can you bring in 3D dwg file of a survey and create a 3D site in shape?


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    This is actually very get a 3d site model:
    1. Produce a TIN from contours....there are free programs to do this
    2. Turn 3d faces to regions
    3. Extend regions downwards using a vertical line
    4. UNion the careful it uses a lot of memory and you may have to do in stages
    5. Trim the base of the solids flat by slicing
    6. Trim vertically at boundaries
    7. Now you can use normal solids operations to generate building platforms, roads etc
    Ken Taylor


  • Shape uses the dwg format. I suppose it could depend on the type of geometry your file contains, but I can't see why there would be an difficulties, have you tried it?

  • Cool!
    Thanks for pointing out that Shape Mac is available now :smile:

    But there is no Digital Terrain Model Tool in Shape nor Bricscad.
    I think there are 3rd party Apps for Bricscad, at least for Windows.
    So it would mean basically to model such a terrain by manually
    snapping to the 3D Points.
    Or there are some deeper Commands that may create some
    Faces/Meshes/Surfaces from selected points, which exceed my
    knowledge so far.

  • I'm sure if you wanted to spend the time you could come up with something, but it might not be good use of time.

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