Wouldn't it be nice for Bricscad BIM if ....

Structure Panel had some (configurable) Icon Buttons on its Top Border
that could be used to set common Sorting/Filtering Options ON/OFF
(In combination) by a single click ?

Like a few Icon Buttons for Buildings, Stories, BIM Element Type, Entity Type; ....

Would be much easier, faster and more capable* than my switching by dropdown
between my custom Arrangements like :

(* as you can combine and mix Filterings)


  • And for Selection ....
    When e.g. you have Face Mode ON, and do a CTRL/CMD option Selection
    to temporary select a whole Solid instead of a Face,
    when you hover your cursor over that Solid Selection,
    (and not over some other geometry or empty space)
    that Bricscad respects that Selection and does not go on to try to select
    Faces on that selected Solid again as soon as you release the CTRL/CMD option,
    so that the Quad is able present you just the expected Tools for your Solid Selection
    and not the Tools applicable to Faces ?

    (As this otherwise mostly needs to manually switch Selection Mode all the time)

    And on Mac if the Option Selection by CMD, when ADDSELECTED OFF,
    would allow Selection of multiple objects by holding also SHIFT,
    As currently this is not possible because CMD+SHIFT+LMB is assigned to
    (also important) Live Zoom.

    (Where I would rather prefer a (otherwise ever) used CMD+ALT combination,
    and so much wish that Live Zoom would zoom from cursor position origin
    (like "Live" Zooming by Scroll Wheel, if available !)
    instead of, arbitrarily in this context, from View Center)

  • the Copy Tool,
    when doing further Copies,
    would have a Settings Option,
    to add further distances by numeric input from the origin of the last Copy,
    instead of the origin of the original object ?

    Where I want to point out that I am really pleased that the Copy Tool stays
    active for additional copy actions and not one time use as the majority of
    other Tools/Commands. And that the Repeat Option is very cool !

    While I ask myself if such options should always be available from the same
    UI interface.
    Old Tools = clickable Prompt Menu vs
    New Tools = CMD/CTRL Option + (passive) View Bar

  • @Michael Mayer said:
    Structure Panel had some (configurable) Icon Buttons on its Top Border

    Something like the existing drop down arrow at the top, thank you for this question it made me look deeper at the structure panel options, I did have a number of rules set up in my BIM profile of the structure browser, organised to use different filters and sorting orders, and swapped them by using the up and down arrows in the configuration dialogue. But this question made me revisit that idea. At the top of the structure browser there is the title bar showing the current 'profile' BIM, Default, Mechanical which you can select, but the last item "select" opens up a folder to select the required item. If you copy paste and rename one of those files it creates a new category which can be setup using the configurator. So I now have a quick method to swap between having the structure browser so it will sort by building or storey or entity type and I don't need to constantly keep changing the configuration.

  • Yes, you can save your own custom Setting Sets and switch between these
    like I do. It is not bad. But these are fixed and you have to create a new
    Setting Set for each Situation.
    The Wish for the Buttons on the other hand would allow to create one
    complete Super Set, and by the ON/OFF Buttons you could easily fast
    switch between endless combinations of Settings.

    Like temporary show Sorting by :
    Buildings, but not Stories, Entities but not BIM Types ....
    Now, just by Stories ...
    Now by Stories and BIM Types
    By just a click to activate or deactivate such a Sorting Filter.

    And my main problem is still that after <20 selections and operations the
    whole Tree is completely expanded and unusable.
    You have to first scroll back to the top, collapse all from the most parent
    folder on top and finally re-open your folders of interests again.
    So I miss the "Manual Expansion Mode"

  • So for the Structure Panel Buttons,
    Say we get 7 of them in the UI,
    the Setting Set Configuration Dialog offers about 20 Icons for
    most important Main Sorting Folders to choose from and all
    these main Folders get a check box to appear on a button
    to choose from until all Buttons in use ....

    Butons may have a given fixed order or better can be manually
    (Maybe instead of a check box have a button number to choose from)

  • Michael Mayer
    edited December 2018

    A bunch of new Wishes after playing with v19

    An Option to right click in Layer Panel on a Layer > Select all its Objects.

    An Option for Layer Panel to "Show Active Layers (elements) only"
    (by temporarily hiding everything else as long as that option is checked)

    Still, my wish,
    No more Warning when I try to activate a hidden or frozen Layer.
    Just automatically, silently, temporarily activate all necessary Layer options.
    But keep the previous Settings in memory and switch back when another
    Layer get activated.

    Generally that commands like "Select All" do ONLY work for what is
    currently Visible on screen.
    Maybe plus an Option from Menu that selects "really All" including hidden.

    That Tools like "Region", e.g. to convert 3D Faces for Stitching, do keep their
    Layer Assignments and do not change to the Active Layer.
    I think there are Tools that do change Layer while others don't and I find
    that very confusing and error prone.
    And even if I try to care, that can quickly destroy my Models by sending
    most parts to Layer 0.

    A "Prompt Window" for "Select Similar" to switch between its Options.
    Just like other Tools with Options have.

    An Option for "Select Similar" to save named "Selection Sets" and
    access by a dropdown from #6.

    Generally a single, unique, dockable, dynamic Panel like Properties Panel,
    for ALL "Tool Options".
    So that they are accessible from screen by mouse instead of being either
    hidden deeply in Settings, appear on the floating "Prompt Panel or the
    floating Direct Modeling STRG Panel.

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